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​​​The ​​​​Market Like A Queen Podcast Show Inspires and Empowers Women Leaders To Transform Into Industry Leaders.

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​​​"I use 18+ years of expertise to train Women Leaders in wiser marketing and graphics strategies so they can make more money in business and #MarketLikeAQueen " ~ Author Donna Marie Johnson​

Donna Marie Johnson is:

  • ☆ Marketing and Graphics Strategist and Trainer
  •  Founder of the Market Like A Queen Movement
About Who I Serve

The women who I serve are gifts from God in this world who are helping clients and customers to literally get rid of problems and pains in their lives, careers and businesses. I help Women Leaders expand their businesses and make a greater impact in this world.

As Women Leaders learn to use wiser strategies,  they make more money and can then serve more of the folks God has called them to serve.

About How I Serve Them


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3. Market Like A Queen 2nd Annual Conference - December 1st

The Market Like A Queen Movement is great for the following types of people:

  • Women's Leadership Groups And Organizations
  • Administrative Professional Consultants
  • Administrative Support Personnel
  • Solo Entrepreneurs Who Do Their Own Marketing
  • Small Businesses Who Are Training Team Members To Give Marketing Support


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Since 1996, I have been very passionate about serving Christian Women Leaders, Solopreneurs and Small Business Owners like you who are constantly looking to continue transforming. Please build your business while enjoying your life, expanding your business, and loving your family. Also, place high value on honoring Father God in all you do. This is a top priority for me, and I hope for you, too, while building a profitable business that leaves a legacy for your family and gives back to the community and the world.

I am grateful that you stopped by and hope that we can work together and be a blessing to each other, our communities and the world.


Donna Marie Johnson ™
Marketing & Graphics Strategist and Trainer

➤ CEO and Founder of GGene S.I.S., LLC ™

 Host of Market Like A Queen  Podcast Show and Annual Conference​​​

Hashtag: #MarketLikeA​Queen​